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The most effective autorun antivirus to solve autorun problems

Autorun Virus Remover is the fist autorun antivirus in the world, it is designed to clean the viruses completely which may be ignored by other antiviruses. provide full solution for solving the autorun virus problem:

  1. Remove the virus permanently in computer and USB storage device
  2. Fix errors caused by the virus/worm infections automatically
  3. Immune the USB storage device to prevent it is infected virus again
  4. Auto scan connected USB drive before using it

Why autorun virus remover can delete the virus when other antivirus can’t?

5 years experiences focus on resolving the autorun virus problem, virus samples which spread via USB drive are collected from users all over the world, each virus sample would be analyzed completely and deeply, all the activity of virus are recorded, including what files created by the viruses, the modification of registry, breakage of setting system settings.

The common antivirus product only add the signature of virus file to the signature database simply, and this might cause that viruses could not be removed completely, as the virus may expand several files into the computer, when the anti-virus only remove one or two of them, rather than all of them, the virus come back again and again after removal, such as autorun.inf file.

As we get all information of each type of autorun virus, our product can delete all the viruses files completely once, and they will never come back again, besides, Autorun Virus Remover provide full solutions for each of virus: not only delete viruses permanently, but also fix system and registry errors caused by virus, recover corrupt files, folders in USB drive and local disk.

Prevent any attacks from virus in USB drive.

The autorun virus usually infect the computer via USB storage device such as: USB flash drive, USB disk, memory stick, etc. Therefore, the pre-scanning of USB drive before using it is very important.

Autorun Virus Remover use advanced and intelligent detection technology, when the USB drive is connected to PC, the resident shield of autorun antivirus would check all the files in the drive, any attacks trying to infect computer would be monitored and blocked by autorun antivirus, and the threat will be removed immediately.

Also if your flash drive infected with New folder virus, after removing the folder viruses, hidden folders will be recovered automatically.

Autorun Virus Remover is the most effectively autorun antivirus in the market, with the product, it is an easy job for you to solve the autorun virus problem.

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